Coach transport is the green way to travel

Down to earth is the way to go

There’s no denying that transport is a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

According to a recent report in the Independent, an incredible 27 per cent of the UK’s emissions come from transport, and that figure has hardly changed in the last 30 years. But what’s the answer? Stop traveling altogether?

Well, no. That’s entirely impractical for starters, because no matter how environmentally friendly walking and cycling is, there’s only so far that your feet and pedals will take you.

If you want to travel greener, you need to travel smarter. And that’s where coach travel comes in.

Coach travel is infinitely more environmentally-friendly than air travel. According to Byway, a platform for flight-free holidays, avoiding two UK-to-Mediterranean flights is better, from an environmental perspective, than spending a year as a vegan. It’s a staggering statistic, and when you take into account that one double-decker bus can remove up to 75 cars from the road (according to the Campaign For Better Transport), it’s clear that coach transport is a much greener transport option than flying.

If coach passenger journeys by British passengers were to increase by 15% annually, it could see approximately 47 million fewer cars on the road. That, in turn, would save over a quarter of a million tonnes of carbon dioxide being pumped out, and significantly reduce congestion numbers.

Go greener, go cleaner

Coaches are designed to carry a large number of people on every journey, and taking that many cars off the road reduces congestion, meaning less motors stacked up on our roads and motorways chugging their exhaust fumes into the atmosphere. Most coaches are able to take advantage of bus lanes too, ensuring a flowing journey with fewer interruptions and smaller emissions. In turn, less vehicles on the road allows more space for those that remain, enabling their engines to run more efficiently and, crucially, cleanly, with lower fuel consumption and less emissions.

Speaking of engines, most modern coaches are powered by engines that are designed to run cleaner and more efficiently than ever, with a huge cut-back on carbon emissions. Even older coaches can be retrofitted and upgraded to make them operate more efficiently. With the addition of cleaner fuels, coach travel is doing its bit to help the UK reach its target of reducing carbon emissions by up to 80% by the year 2050.

Hit the road and enjoy the journey

There are plenty of other reasons to come down to earth and switch air travel for coach travel, or leave the car on the drive.

The benefits of coach travel are numerous. For starters, as the coach takes you from A to B, it affords you the opportunity to kick back and relax in comfort, and really see the world around you. The British countryside is a truly beautiful place that is worth protecting, and coach travel gives you the chance to see it from up close, at a pace that enables you to really enjoy it and feel the stress-busting benefits. Enjoy a book, listen to music, snooze, or chat with other passengers. Coach travel offers you the opportunity to do what you wish.

The unhurried pace of coach travel means you arrive direct at your destination feeling refreshed, and safe in the knowledge that by avoiding a flight or leaving your car at home, you’ve put a much smaller carbon footprint on the surface of the planet.

At Readybus we are committed to the environment and making sure that our coaches run in a clean and green fashion, journey after journey. Each vehicle in our coach fleet is maintained to the highest possible standards by specialist mechanics to ensure that our coaches operate cleanly and efficiently to reduce our carbon footprint. We are committed to operating modern low emission vehicles and have invested heavily in vehicles that are ULEZ compliant (Ultra Low Emission Zone), meeting Euro VI standards. If you’d like to read more about our coach fleet, take a look here.

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